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50% OFF on all Yearly Plans (for the first year) - BLANQ is a custom URL shortener with branded links and analytics

BLANQ - A powerful custom URL shortener for your links.

Website: https://blanq.io/

Turn your long links into short branded links and grow your business. Configure custom domains, personalize link slugs, dynamically route clicks and, understand your audience with in-depth analytics.

Branded links stand out and have about 35% higher click-through rates than regular links.

Know your audience better with realtime tracking and in-depth analytics. Track 5 different parameters for your short URL.

  • 100% reliable.

  • Know how many people visited your links today and, in the current month.

  • Every domain that is set up automatically uses HTTPS for added security.

  • All your links are redirected with 301 code that allows you to retain SEO.

  • Dynamically update your original link or create/update custom slugs.

  • Create, Edit, Copy and Delete links quickly from the dashboard.

  • Route your links based on Country, Device, OS and Langauge. A single short link redirects to different links based on your preset conditions.

  • Add your own custom domains and sub-domains in the dashboard. Different domains for different purposes.

Blanq is already being used by several large customers like La Vuelta, 3das etc

Create an account now: https://blanq.io/

Coupon: BLANQYEARLY - expires on Dec 16, 2020

Steps to use: Create an account, Click on Upgrade and apply the coupon during Checkout. Contact support if you have any questions.




Posted 3 months ago in Marketing tools.

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