50% off your first year at Starter Story!

50% off your first year at Starter Story!

Company name:

Starter Story


About us:

At Starter Story, we interview successful entrepreneurs and share the stories behind their business. In each interview, we ask how they got started, how they grew, and how they run their business today.

The stories are inspiring and also provide specific advice and insight into starting a business. By sharing these stories, we want to help others get started.

Our premium membership offers the following:

  • Unlimited access to 1,500+ case studies

  • Ability to sort and filter thousands of data points

  • Access to 2,000+ business ideas (each comes with a "how-to guide" and industry data)

  • Step-by-step guides on how to start a business

  • $5K+ in savings on tools to run your business

  • 24/7 access to the audio version of all our interviews + exclusive case studies

Black Friday Discount // how to redeem:

50% off both our annual memberships for your first year!

Go to and plug in the following promo codes:

For premium: $0.94/week ($49 for the year) use promo code: bfkssh

For premium plus: $2.88/week ($149 for the year) use promo code: bfkppm

Thanks so much! Feel free to email with any questions!


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